Male Color      Female

M CH. Bob of Serious Desire Brin   F CH. Missing Funday Of Serious Desire Brin
M CH. Grisse Basse Charming White Devil White   F CH. Don't be Silly of Serious Desire White
M CH.Stormbandit's Envoy Shogun White   F CH. Bergalo's One Night Stand Brin
M CH.Joep White   F CH.  Daisy Red
M CH. Gentle Lawman of Kilacabar Brin   F Dani's First Love of Pretty Pink's  Brin
M CH. Yoeckydoe's Uno White   F

CH. Scarclette Daisy of Serious Desire

M Hammels United White   F

CH. Stormbandit's Fay Fury

M Zillion of Serious Desire Brin   F Andrew's Beauty Of Serious Desire Brin
M Stormbandit's Eagle-eyed Soltan Bl Brin   F

Gigant's Empire Almira

M CH.Stormbandit's Fire Cracker  White   F Dutchess Roxy Of Serious Desire Brin
M CH. King's Son Of Never A Dull Moment Brin F

CH. Quicksilver Jodi Of Serious Desire

M CH. Mad Max van de Jodyna Red   F CH. Bearables We'll Alway's Remember Brin
M Courageous Hey Bulldog Bl Brin   F Pecunia Bulls Kimberly Red
M Waltzing Mathilda's Uranium White   F Courageous Top Dream White
M CH.Special Edition Of Serious Desire Brin   F CH. Scallawag's Ace of Spades Tri
M CH. Einstein The Joker Brin   F Courageous White Idol White
M CH. Pollyssa's Brainy Braveheart White   F CH.Shadow Dancer Pritty Girl White
M CH.Arcanum Kalamkari Brin   F Nobilta How Could I Fall Brin
M The Beloved Emperor of Pretty Pink's Brin   F Super Bowls Xtacy White
M CH. Emred Devil's Chance White   F Grisse Basse Daimond Doortje White
M CH. Quest Abdelazar White   F Night Queen of The Sunny Dogs Bl Brin
M CH. Quest Thunderstruck White   F Yoeckydoe's Tequila Tri
M CH.Yoeckydoe's Yes It 's Me Red F Credetta Jollielaide White
M Waltzing Mathilda's Xcavenger Bl Brin F Hammels yankeelady White
M Hammels Victory Boy Bl Brin F Kingsfarm Black Pearl Bl Brin
M Private Investigation off Daikini White F CH.  Over the Top du Parc de Combreux White
M Wombat vom Telgei Brin   F

Stormbandit's Gaily Gargoyle

Bl Brin
M Stormbandit's I am Rude Boy Bl Brin   F Upperclas Wednesday Imperator Brin
M Grisse Basse Hanky Panky Brin   F Luck Be A Lady Off Daikini BL Brin
M In Love of Dizzy Dog Rock Bl Brin   F Experiens Dreams Zenithal White
M Digger van het Bruchterveld Bl Brin   F Waltzing Mathilda's Yarrawonga White
M CH.Kenzed Prince of Darknes at Denpower Bl Brin   F White Yvory off Daikini White
M Nebari Trough The Barricades Brin   F Mystic Sun's Zero Double Brin


Apohro's Shady Dreams Come True White   F Campina Bulls Ypon Brin
M CH.Yoeckydoe's Abrakadabra Brin   F CH.Little Thunder's Xhyra White
M Waltzing Mathilda's Abraxas White   F Bryonteez Starz in Your Eyez White
M Apohro's Tristar The Jolly Joker Bl Brin   F Chacoriki Yim Wing Chun Brin
M The Iceman Of Never A Dull Moment White   F Chacoriki Black Gold BlBrin
M Super Bowl's Amadeo Bl Brin   F Cosa Della vita 0ff Daikini White
M White Lightning off Daikini White   F Pett Pajar Red
M Experience Dreams Candyman Bl Brin   F Chimene First lady from Rising Colour Red
M Ultimate Joy's Something Special White   F Rhydaman Belle de Grecy White
M The Comic Man of Never a Dull Moment White   F Apohro's Dee Jay The Legacy White
M White Love Of Pretty Pinks White   F Yoeckydoe's annabelle White
M Dragonsoul at Stormbandit's White   F Catharina van de Burcht der Komieken Brin
M Yoeckydoe's Duvel White   F Angelface Of Never A Dull Moment Brin
M Ultimate Joy's Unknown Fantasy Brin   F

Shadow Dancer She's Caught in the Act

M Glamourous Cparco White   F Stormbandit's Kissyface Kiah Brin
M Tears In Heaven Of Serious Desire White   F Born In Timber Cherry Lady White
        F Ice Queen Of Never A Dull Moment White
        F Ch.Credetta Gardian Angel White
        F White Attraction of Serious Desire White
        F CH. Mystic Sun's Zero Double Brin
        F Mistic Sun Of Serious Desire Brin
        F Dolcediva at Stormbandit's White
        F Valley Des Druides De Bretagne White